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Errors will doom the Marlins’ season

By Andrew Polin

The Marlins make too many errors. Period. The miscues will sabotage any improvement the team gets from their pitchers.  Compare the Marlins to the Yankees this season. The Yanks have not made an error in the past 11 games. I don’t think I have enough fingers to count the errors the Marlins have made.

The most comical example was last week when Burke Badenhop was pitching with a man on first. He got three balls hit right back to him. The first time, Badenhop threw the ball away. The second time Hanley Ramirz and Dan Uggla did not cover the base. The third time they got it.

This can’t continue. I have to wonder if the Marlins spend enough time on the fundamentals of defense, as well as if there is any emphasis on defense in their minor league affiliates.

If you want to see a team that emphasizes defense, look at the Seattle Mariners. They increased their win total by about 24 games last year all the while putting a major emphasis on defense. When the Mariners traded one of their starters to the Tigers at mid-season, the pitcher suffered as a result of the Tigers’ defense.


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