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Is Josh Johnson still Josh Johnson?

There is a belief by many in baseball that if a young pitcher’s innings count increases dramatically from one year to the next, you can expect a drop-off in production. Obviously, Josh Johnson’s innings count increased dramatically in the past two years since he came back from Tommy John surgery in 2008 to pitch about half a season, followed by 2009 when he pitched the entire season.

Last year, Johnson ranked third in fastball speed at about 95 mph. This year, in watching his games on TV, it looks as if his average fastball is 93-94 mph with a few topping 95-96 mph.

So, one must wonder, if the increased pitch count and innings in 2009 is hurting him this year. It’s too early to tell, but one article today that I read reports that in Johnson’s past 13 starts, he has only pitched into the seventh inning once, has a mediocre 4-4 record and an ERA above 4.00.

Let’s hope this is an anomaly, and Johnson finds his groove. Without a stellar Johnson it will be difficult for the Marlins to compete this year.


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