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Default to Diamondbacks and fight racism in Arizona

By Andrew Polin

A friend of mine said he heard that the Arizona Diamondbacks should not expect to host an All-Star game in the foreseeable future — at least as long as Arizona will racially profile possible illegal aliens. Why? Because baseball is rather diverse with a large number of  Hispanic ballplayers.

So, what if we take this a step further. What if the ballplayers on all the teams — let’s hope all the players agree to his rather than just the Hispanic players — refuse to play in Arizona. Well, of course, these teams would default their games to Arizona. If limited just to the games in Arizona, then the Diamondbacks would have an easy 81 wins. Even if the Diamondbacks played .500 ball in their 81 away games, the team would still finish with more than 120 victories, making it the most successful team in baseball history. With home field advantage in the playoffs, the team would win all the playoffs. If they happen to have homefield advantage, well, you get the idea.

Now, I don’t expect baseball players to go to this extreme, but all athletes and all people should take a stand against Arizona’s immigration law which will allow police to stop people if they think they could be illegal aliens.

Last week, when blonde-hair Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed the legislation and took questions from the press, I had hoped someone would ask her how many blonde-hair people would be stopped by the police on the chance that they could be illegal aliens from Sweden.

But that’s just my take on what I consider to be an unconstitutional law, one that smacks of racism.


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